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Gap Year students spend a year in Israel.

Nitzavim fellows take part in classes, trips & Shabbatons.

Build Innovative Projects to Create Solutions on Campus to arrive on college campus as empowered ambassadors for Israel and the Jewish people.

Gain 3 college credits. 


In partnership with Hebrew University, students attend monthly college-accredited classes.

They learn from innovative & professional speakers and work with business mentors to help solve an issue that Jewish students face on college campuses.


Our classes, speakers, and mentors give Nitzavim Fellows the tools to be ambassadors for Israel and the Jewish people once on college campus.


In the current political climate, college campuses across the world are a hotbed for antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiments.


Now more than ever, it’s imperative that Jewish students are armed with the proper knowledge and tools to stand up for Israel and the Jewish people!

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