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The Nitzavim Fellowship empowers gap year students
to become confident and inspired change-makers
on their college campus.

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Applications Due

July 31 2024

Launch Event

September 27 2024

Fellowship Begins

November 1 2024

What is the Nitzavim Fellowship?

Who We Are

The Nitzavim Fellowship gives gap year students the tools to become an ambassador and leader for Israel and the Jewish people once they embark on their college years and beyond.

Innovative Projects

Student groups work with alumni and business mentors to outline a business portfolio they will present to judges at the annual Project Showcase. Winners receive funding to implement their projects once on college campus!

Meet our Speakers

World-renowned speakers lecture on Israeli innovation, business development, and policy.

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Meet our Mentors

Business mentors advise project groups for maximum impact.

Meet our Fellows

Nitzavim Fellows are Gap Year students heading to secular college after their year in Israel

Nitzavim Fellows Attend These Colleges: